IBO Overview

As A Videri IBO

You’ll have Serious Income Potential

As a Videri IBO you will earn 10% commission on all direct sales (sales made directly by you). Additionally, you will earn commission from sales made by other IBOs in your IBO Network. Use the Income Calculator to estimate potential monthly commission as your business grows.

You’ll be Selling a High Demand Product

Beef in America is a $105 billion industry. Beef is a high demand product people buy every day. There is also a current trend toward consumption of healthier, all natural products. This means you are in the perfect position to offer a high demand product at nearly the same price as conventional beef (the stuff with hormones, etc.). Hope All Natural Beef is healthy, tasty, and affordable.

You’ll be making a positive difference

You will bring nutritional hope to your friends by offering healthy, tasty, and affordable Hope All Natural Beef. For your friends who decide to become IBOs, you will be bringing financial hope to them. You will also be bringing hope to orphans around the world as 100% of Videri’s net profits go to global orphan care.

Here's How It Works

To Become a Videri IBO

Simply complete the online registration, pay your annual registration fee, and complete your online training. That’s it!


Once registered, you can start selling a great product (that everyone already wants) to the people you already know.


As you share about Hope All Natural Beef, let them know about the IBO opportunity. They too can own their own business and be part of your team!

Here’s how to do it

  1. Get familiar with the tools and training available to you as a Videri IBO through the optional GROW IBO Development Program.
  2. Identify your social network – friends, family, acquaintances
  3. Enthusiastically share your new business with them – call, chat over coffee, email, post, direct message, tweet, text – anyway you like! And it’s easy to receive credit for your efforts with the unique IBO Business Code provided to you upon registration. With this code, all purchases or registrations are credited to your business account.
  4. Follow up personally with each person the best you can. Being an IBO is about relationships. You’ll want to help others in your IBO Network succeed.
  5. Repeat this process as your social network expands. As you meet new people, tell them about Hope All Natural Beef and the Videri IBO opportunity. Then watch as your business continues to grow.

From these five simple steps you should expect your business to grow through Hope All Natural Beef sales and IBO registrations.


  • No high-pressure cold calls, or door-to-door sales
  • No minimum sales requirement
  • No obligation to register new IBOs or purchase product yourself
  • You'll never handle cash or product, or deal with shipping
  • All the tools and training for a successful business are provided to you by Videri.

Enjoy the freedom of owning your own business

You are encouraged to build your business as big (or keep it as simple) as you like. As your own boss, you’ll be able to choose how, where, and when you work. You may also employ the strategies that work best for you. As long as you build your business ethically and legally, the Videri team is here to support and encourage you as you grow your business.

Become an IBO Today!