HOPE All Natural* Beef FAQs

What does “All Natural” mean?

The USDA defines all natural as being *minimally processed and containing no artificial ingredients. We are required by the USDA to define “all natural” as such with an “*”. However, at Videri, we hold HOPE All Natural* Beef to a higher standard. Our cattle are:

  • Given no antibiotics ever
  • Given no added steroids or hormones ever
  • Pastured-raised, grain-finished
  • Fed & raised on a 100% vegetarian diet
  • 100% American raised, fed, and processed
  • USDA Choice or higher quality grade

What does “choice or higher” mean?

Prime and Choice are the two highest USDA quality grade standards for beef. This designation is based upon the amount and quality of fat marbling to lean ratio in the ribeye area meat and is related to the age of the animal.

USDA graded Prime beef is produced from young, well-fed cattle. It has slightly abundant to abundant marbling.

USDA graded Choice beef is also produced from young, well-fed cattle and very high quality, but with slightly less marbling than Prime.

Prime and Choice graded beef rank as higher quality than Select, Standard, and Commercial grades.

HOPE All Natural Beef is always USDA graded as Choice or higher so you can rest assured that you are getting amazing & high quality beef.

Where does HOPE All Natural Beef come from?

All cattle are 100% American raised, fed and processed. Our suppliers verify the cattle source through their internal control points which are approved by USDA.

Most of the cattle are born and raised in the Midwest, Central Plains, Southern Plains, and Western Mountain States regions.

Families who raise the cattle adhere to Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) practices and industry care standards to ensure animals are well cared for during every stage of their lives.

Our cattle normally spend the first 6-8 months of life with the mama cow on grass ranges where they have free access to grasses, forage, water, and vitamin/mineral supplements to support good health. Cattle are then moved to family-owned feed yards for finishing.

What makes HOPE All Natural Beef so flavorful and juicy?

Our beef is sourced from genetics that are well known for their marbling ability, taste, flavor, and consistent palatability. 

We do not allow any cattle that display Brahman or Dairy characteristics into our program.

All of our cattle are less than 30 months of age at processing which helps our beef maintain the desired beef flavor, tenderness, and consistency.

All cuts are hand selected for a USDA Choice or higher quality grade.

All cuts and grind are vacuum-sealed in high quality, airtight packaging and flash frozen immediately to preserve optimum flavor, freshness and juiciness.

How long can I keep my beef frozen and it still be okay to eat?

USDA Food Safety Guidelines state that beef kept frozen at 0°F or below will last indefinitely. However, for best taste, the USDA recommends the following guidelines for storing frozen beef:

  • Ground Beef & Patties: 3-4 months
  • Steaks/Fajita Meat: 6-12 months
  • Roasts: 4-12 months 

Why does HOPE All Natural Beef only offer a few cuts of beef?

We started with the most popular summer cuts of beef: steak and ground beef. As our company grows, we will diversify our beef selections based on customer requests.

How does HOPE All Natural Beef help orphans?

The founder and president of Videri gives 100% of the net profit earned from his ownership to Videri’s Orphan Care 501(c)3 organization.

We are committed to bringing hope to orphans both locally and globally.

Our primary strategy will be to partner with credible, established organizations in aiding, preventing, and caring for orphans.

Purchasing & Shipping FAQs

Product & Shipping

How is the beef packaged for shipping?

Each cut is individually vacuum-sealed in high quality, airtight packaging and labeled with cut name and packaged date.

Vacuum-sealed cuts are stacked in HOPE All Natural Beef product boxes, then flash-frozen to seal in freshness and juiciness.

Frozen product boxes are packaged in a shipper cooler along with dry ice.

From flash-freezing to your door, HOPE All Natural Beef remains frozen to ensure freshness and taste. (Slight thawing may occur around the edges.)

DRY ICE: For your safety, please wear insulated gloves to dispose of any remaining dry ice.

Is the beef shipped frozen?

Beef is shipped frozen and should arrive at your door frozen, or only partially thawed. If beef is fully thawed and no longer cold, do not consume, and please contact us immediately.

While we ship with enough dry ice to keep your beef cold, you should place beef in the freezer immediately.

When will my order of HOPE All Natural Beef arrive?

To ensure frozen state, orders ship only on Mondays or Tuesdays. Time in transit will be determined by zip code. You will be notified by email when to expect your shipment.

Do I need to be there when my package is delivered?

No, and a signature is not required.

While we pack each shipment with enough dry ice to keep it cold for a couple hours beyond delivery time, we can only guarantee it up until time of delivery. After the carrier has delivered the package, you are responsible for collecting and transferring it to a freezer in a timely fashion.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. When your package ships, you will be emailed a UPS tracking number.

You may also sign up for UPS My Choice. UPS My Choice allows you to track your order and make changes to delivery time or location.

What if my product is damaged?

We are confident you will receive your HOPE All Natural Beef partially to fully frozen and in good condition. If for any reason you believe your shipment is damaged, or beef is delivered fully thawed, then please take pictures of the damaged product and contact us immediately. Do not consume damaged or fully thawed meat. (Beef may arrive partially thawed around the edges.)

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping will be calculated at checkout based upon your zip code.

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii or internationally?

Not at this time, but we happily ship to the lower 48 States.


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit/debit cards.

Can I split my order with a friend? 

Each order only ships to one address.

You may not resell HOPE All Natural Beef.

Can I make a gift purchase?

Yes, we would be happy to ship to a different address, provided you have the correct mailing address and the gift recipient is available to receive the package at the delivery time

You have the option of providing a gift note as well.

Why do I have to purchase even numbers of product boxes?

Two product boxes fit perfectly in our shipper box and cooler for maximum thermal efficiency. The minimum order required is two product boxes, but there is no maximum order limit.

Do you have a subscription service?

Not at this time but we hope to add this service soon.

The following table is based on the 2018 Bloomberg report of 57.6 lbs./year average beef consumption per person in the USA. It will help you determine the frequency of your order. For example, a household of 4 people will want to order 1-2 times per month depending on the type of beef ordered.

Number of People per Household Annual Intake (lbs) Monthly Intake (lbs) Weekly Intake (lbs)
1 57.6 4.8 1.2
2 115.2 9.6 2.4
3 172.8 14.4 3.6
4 230.4 19.2 4.8
5 288 24 6