Our Story

Videri: Pronounced Vi-dear-ee; Latin for “vision” and used by many businesses as a motto: “esse quam videri” meaning “to be, rather than to seem”. For example, to be virtuous rather than seem virtuous. It is a statement of truth, integrity, and solidarity.

Founders group photo

About the Founders

Brad & Melody Frei

We started as a small group of friends in southeastern Washington state. Passionate about orphan care, five of our seven families adopted children internationally while also raising biological children. We see adoption as one of the most beautiful examples of God’s love here on Earth.

Brad Frei, our Founder and President, recognized the potential for natural beef as a viable product while being raised on a ranch in Idaho. His vision lay dormant for over 13 years until the fall of 2017. Together, we created Videri – Latin for “vision” or “to be”. Brad and his wife, Melody, even tattooed “Videri” on their arms as a constant reminder to remain faithful to this vision. We continue to add many talented and critical people to our group, all of us eager to bring hope to a world in need.

All natural, affordable, delivered-to-your-home beef is our product. Independent Business Owners market the product while orphan care is our cause. We believe you can enjoy healthy family meals while also providing care for orphans through Videri! Not only that, but we believe there is serious income potential for individuals in this business. We invite you to join our “small group” in bringing hope to a world in need.