Reasons to become a Videri IBO

  • Reason 1

    Beef is a product people already want

    Beef is a $105 Billion Industry in the United States

    This means you don’t need to convince people to buy a product they don’t want or don’t understand.

    Growing demand for all natural food products

    Market trends express a growing preference for all natural beef (that’s beef without hormones, additives, or antibiotics).

    Growing trend in direct delivery food sales

    Our beef is conveniently sold on-line with front-door delivery, something consumers expect in today’s Information Age.

  • Reason 2

    HOPE All Natural Beef is a great product

    Premium Quality

    HOPE All Natural Beef is sourced only from cattle raised on a 100% vegetarian diet with no antibiotics ever, no added hormones or steroids, internally source verified and 100% USA raised, fed and processed. Our beef is pasture raised, grain finished and is USDA Prime and Choice Quality Graded.

    Competitive Price

    By eliminating the middleman (supermarkets), HOPE All Natural Beef is a premium product at a competitive price.

    Accessible – Purchase Online. Direct Delivery

    HOPE All Natural Beef is easily purchased online via the Videri website, and conveniently and quickly shipped to your front door.

  • Reason 3

    There’s serious income potential

    Front-loaded commission structure

    The direct seller receives a greater percentage of commission than any other IBO in the network.

    Performance-based commission structure

    Our commission structure uniquely rewards those who perform well, no matter when they join Videri. This means every IBO has the potential to earn more than the first IBOs in the network.

    Earn commission from other IBOs within your network

    As you and your team add other IBOs to your IBO Network, you will earn a commission on their sales. That’s residual income at its finest.

  • Reason 4

    Network marketing is the wave of the future

    Belief in network marketing

    The Information Age is replacing the antiquated Industrial Age; direct sales, online consumer experience, and network marketing are the wave of the future.

    Eliminates the middlemen

    By eliminating the middleman (supermarkets), HOPE All Natural Beef is competitively priced while simultaneously creating a great commission for IBOs.

    "Be My Own Boss" mentality

    Preference towards increased flexibility and business ownership is growing among today's workforce.

  • Reason 5

    You’ll help bring hope to a world in need

    Financial hope for you and your family

    Being an Independent Business Owner allows you the freedom and flexibility to work on your own terms. Due to Videri’s generous commission structure, there is astounding financial potential for those who work hard.

    Nutritional hope for consumers

    By offering HOPE All Natural Beef to consumers, you are providing a 100% USA sourced product with no added hormones or steroids and no antibiotics ever.

    Hope for orphans locally and globally

    We at Videri are passionate about helping those in need. That’s why we have pledged to give to global orphan care.

As A Videri IBO

You'll have Serious Income Potential

As a Videri IBO, you will earn a minimum of 10% commission on all direct sales (sales made directly by you). Additionally, you will earn commission from sales made by other IBOs in your IBO Network. Use the Income Calculator to estimate potential monthly commission as your business grows.

You'll be Selling a High Demand Product

Beef in America is a $105 billion industry. Beef is a high demand product people buy every day. There is also a current trend toward consumption of all natural products. This means you are in the perfect position to offer a high demand product at a competitive price.

Here's How It Works

To Become a Videri IBO

Simply complete the online registration, pay your annual registration fee, and complete your online training. That's it! The regular first year registration fee is $250. The annual registration fee after the first year is $500.

Start Sharing HOPE All Natural Beef

Once registered, you can start sharing about a great product (that everyone already wants) to the people you already know.

Invite Others To Become An IBO

As you share about HOPE All Natural Beef, let them know about the IBO opportunity. They too can own their own business and be part of your team!

Here's How To Do It

  1. Get familiar with the tools and training available to you as a Videri IBO. We are adding to our tools daily and you will be able to find them on your IBO Dashboard.
  2. Identify your social network – friends, family, acquaintances.
  3. Enthusiastically share your new business with them individually – call, chat over coffee, email, direct message, text – anyway you like! And it’s easy to receive credit for your efforts with the unique IBO Business Code provided to you upon registration. With this code, all purchases or registrations are credited to your business account.
  4. Follow up personally with each person the best you can. Being an IBO is about relationships. You’ll want to help others in your IBO Network succeed.
  5. Repeat this process as your social network expands. As you meet new people, tell them about HOPE All Natural Beef and the Videri IBO opportunity. Then watch as your business continues to grow.

No Pressure And Minimal Risk

  • No high-pressure cold calls, or door-to-door sales
  • No minimum sales requirement
  • No obligation to register new IBOs or purchase product yourself
  • You'll never handle cash or product, or deal with shipping
  • All the tools and training for a successful business are provided to you by Videri

Enjoy The Freedom Of Owning Your Own Business

You are encouraged to build your business as big (or keep it as simple) as you like. As your own boss, you'll be able to choose how, where, and when you work. You may also employ the strategies that work best for you. As long as you build your business ethically and legally, the Videri team is here to support and encourage you as you grow your business.


What is an Independent Business Owner (IBO)?

As an IBO, you own your own business while having access to Videri's shared infrastructure. You have the freedom and flexibility to build your own business on your own terms. As long as you build your business ethically and legally, you will have the ready support of the tools and resources available to you through the Videri website.

Why should I join Videri?

We would love for you to join us in our mission of bringing hope to a world in need! By joining Videri, you are becoming part of an incredible team. Videri is a network marketing business with an unique commission structure; a high-demand, high-quality product; and a worthwhile mission.

Not only will you be setting yourself up for financial success, you will also be playing an integral role in providing premium products at realistic prices to the people you know and care about.

Furthermore, you will be brining hope to orphans locally and globally with 100% of the net profit from our founder’s ownership earnings dedicated to Videri’s 501(c)3 Orphan Care organization.

What do I get as an IBO?

As a Videri IBO, you gain access to world-class business infrastructure. Additionally, you will gain access to extensive training, tools, resources, and incentives through our optional GROW IBO Development Program. Our team at Videri is here to help you succeed as an IBO.

How is Videri different than other network marketing businesses?

Other network marketing businesses often pressure their members to meet minimum sales requirements or sign up a certain number of other members. At Videri, we never pressure you; we only help you grow your business at your own pace. Additionally, we believe our product, commission structure, commitment to the IBO, and mission make Videri unique:

Our Product

Unlike other network marketing businesses that offer high-priced products, we are committed to offering only high quality products at affordable prices. Furthermore, we are offering a product people already want; there is no need to convince anyone to purchase high quality beef.

Our Commission Structure

Unlike other network marketing companies that funnel the greatest percentage of profits to the members who have been involved the longest, our commission structure allows every IBO equal profitability opportunity. Whether you have been with the company one day or one year, your potential for profitability is the same.

Our Commitment To Our IBOs

We are IBO centered – we aim to make our IBOs successful. Our President earns commission the same as all other IBOs and doesn’t take a salary. Furthermore, there are no hidden costs or surprises. All resources and tools we offer are free for use by our IBOs.

Our Mission

At Videri, 100% of the net profit from our founder’s ownership earnings are dedicated to Videri’s 501(c)3 Orphan Care organization to care for orphans both locally and globally.

Aren't multilevel marketing companies risky?

Yes, multi level marketing companies (MLMs) are risky and even illegal if no product is being sold. Some network marketing companies grossly overprice their product or offer an obscure product that is not largely consumable. This makes it difficult to move product and essentially the company relies on income from new members to build an unsustainable structure.

MLMs are not risky when: 1) offering a product below market value, in high demand, and renewable; 2) the culture is based on honesty and transparency; 3) the opportunity is viable as a source of primary income; and 4) they follow a business model built for the 21st century. Videri fits all four of these criteria!

There are no scams, hidden fees, or minimum sales requirements imposed upon our IBOs. We have intentionally structured Videri to eliminate as many risks as possible for you as an IBO because we want to see you succeed!

What are the risks to becoming an IBO?

There is a first year registration fee of $250 and a $500 IBO Annual Registration fee to own your own business and gain access to the resources of the Videri infrastructure. This is a very minor financial investment for owning your own business. It is possible you would not recoup your $500 investment in sales; however, we strongly believe any IBO can easily recoup their initial investment and earn serious profits with hard work and a good attitude.

How is the Videri commission structure unique?

The Videri commission structure is front-loaded and every IBO has equal profitability opportunity. The selling IBO receives 40% of commissionable monies. Additionally, it is possible for a new IBO to earn more than an IBO that has been involved for years if they perform well.

What percent of sales goes to the IBOs?

Twenty-five percent of the product cost is commissionable to IBOs. Of those commissionable monies, 40% goes directly to the IBO making the sale. That equates to 10% of the product cost earned by the selling IBO.

Learn More Calculator

Why is there an annual fee of $500 to become an IBO? What is the fee used for?

This $500 goes toward supporting the shared infrastructure you have access to as a Videri IBO. Essentially, this is the cost of owning your own business.

The shared infrastructure includes the Videri website, product procurement systems, shipping, processing, storage, etc. Additionally, you have shared professional services like legal, accounting, marketing, technology, etc.

What if I can't afford the annual IBO fee?

We believe so strongly in what Videri has to offer that if you genuinely cannot afford the annual registration fee, we will find a way to help you overcome this initial hurdle. Contact us to discuss the possibilities:

Am I required to buy, supply and ship product?

Absolutely not! You will never be required to personally buy any product. Nor will you ever have to handle any money or product during sale or distribution. All of these services are accomplished directly through the Videri website.

Am I required to host parties?

No, but if you feel that is a fun and engaging way of promoting your business then go for it!

How does Videri invest in their IBOs? What training is provided?

At Videri we offer extensive training and support immediately accessible through GROW which is Videri's IBO Development Program available on the IBO Dashboard. GROW is designed to educate, motivate, and equip the whole person relationally, physically, spiritually, professionally, educationally, and financially. GROW includes habits and patterns proven to produce success in all areas of life including daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly development opportunities. GROW is a voluntary program but highly encouraged.

What resources does Videri provide to IBOs?

Your primary resource is the shared infrastructure of the Videri business -- product supply chain, shipping, website, legal, accounting, etc.

Your IBO Dashboard is also a resource that allows you to track your IBO Network's growth as well as access the GROW IBO Development Program. GROW is a resource with lots of tools and training to help you successfully launch and continually grow your business.

How does the Videri Beef Charity program work?

Caring for orphans globally and locally is our cause. 100% of the net profit from our founder’s ownership earnings are dedicated to Videri’s 501(c)3 Orphan Care organization.

How do I register to become an IBO?

Simply complete the online registration, pay your first annual registration fee, and become familiar with the tools and resources available to you on your IBO dashboard.

Register to Become an IBO